Book Review 30 : “FREEDOM MANTRA: A Simple Practice to Embrace Freedom”

TITLE : Freedom Mantra- A Simple Practice to Embrace Freedom

AUTHOR: Kumar Anu

LANGUAGE : English

GENRE : Self-help & Motivational Nonfiction

LENGTH : 108 pages

PUBLISHER : Invincible Publisher

FORMAT : Kindle

A Brief Review:

‘Freedom Mantra’ consisting of seven words ‘I do my duties free from rewards’, has been elaborately explained by author Kumar Anu. This self-motivational book is a doorway to gain freedom, escape ourselves from all the miseries & lead a peaceful life. What is free soul, how to acquire a happy life, how to be skilled in practicing freedom mantra & moreover, what is the process & what lies in eliminating attachments- repulsions, theories from our lives are well-described. What interests me is that the way the author has plainly illustrated his thoughts which he gained on an airport from a billionaire monk ; precisely the guide & the guru for him!

No complaints against the title & the cover as it perfectly worked with the genre of the book.

I found it a good read!

My Ratings To The Book – 4.5/5


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