Book Review 35 : “BEYOND THE CREDENCE”


AUTHOR : Manhar Sharma

LANGUAGE : English

GENRE : Fiction

LENGTH : 137 pages

FORMAT : Paperback

PUBLICATION : Rumour Books India

Blurb & A Short Review :

Apeksha, a very young girl of 18, has a huge passion in learning Sanskrit & vedic education. She spends her time more in reading Vedas & understanding the old scriptures than her text books. Though she decides to take her her career in it, her family shows her red signal. Her curiousness to learn Vedic Education shows no curb nevertheless of the objections from her father & her sister Nupur. With the progress of storyline, We can see her secret travel to a small village named Mattur, Karnataka to learn Vedas more and getting her name shine brighter in a International level Youth Vedic Competition. The plot simply based on the love of a girl for learing vedic education. Moreover, Author has served a good message to the youth of India about the importance of learning our own culture & especially Vedas. Language in the book used is fluid, easy to read. Book cover is truly eye-catching with a unique title. It was simply an amazing read!

My Ratings :

Title : 5/5

Cover : 5/5

Storyline : 4/5

Plot :4/5

Characterization : 4/5

Language :4/5

Overall Ratings : 4.5/5


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