Book Review 36 : “A Fly On The Cartwheel”

TITLE : A Fly On The Cartwheel

AUTHOR : Bhupendra Suri

LANGUAGE : English

GENRE : Motivational non fiction

LENGTH : 226 pages


PUBLICATION : Vishwakarma Publications

Blurb & A Short Review :

“A Fly To Cartwheel ” is a novel that deals with the questions regarding the fundamental assumptions of reality. Amit, a corporate executive mends his life problems through some real-life situations and finally that leads to some mind-blowing answers which change him forever. It’s novel should be a must read for everyone out there. This novel seems interesting for it matches reality with their appropriate answers. The narration was very interesting and we can get a lot of insightful motivation from it. The book has a beautiful cover and the title does justice with the content. Overall, it was an informational read!

My Ratings:

Title : 5/5

Cover :4/5

Plot: 4.5/5

Narration: 4/5

Language : 4/5

Overall Ratings : ⅘ ( a must read)


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