Book Review 37 : “My Vision My Mission”

TITLE : My Vision My Mission

AUTHOR : Ila Singh

GENRE : Self-Help Journal

LANGUAGE : English

LENGTH : 143 pages


PUBLICATION : Bluerose Publishers

Blurb & A Short Review :

“My Vision My Mission” is a beautiful self-help book which works kind of a journal to uplift us from all the confusions, unsettlement, self-doubts, self-harms, unnecessary hazardousness of physical, mental & emotional ways etc we face in our regular life. The book has excellent illustrations with some extremely motivating quotes of eminent authors & great human beings that are printed in multicolored fonts. First chapter starts with the activities to do in January & ends with the good notes from a changed self of December. Moreover, each & every chapter has some different types of questions for us to write down our answers from our perspectives only to experiment our self-worth & boost our confidence, which makes it an additional journal thing. Language is easily adaptable, editing has no errors, book cover is lustrous & the title of the book serves it accurate purpose. Author Ila has successfully done her job of motivating souls. It is a must read for everyone!

My Ratings :

Title: 5/5

Cover : 4/5

Language : 4/5

Plot : 5/5

Contents : 4/5

Overall Rating : ⅘


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