Book Review 38 : “The Combat of Magic and Miracles”

TITLE : The Combat of Magic And Miracle

AUTHOR : Samuel Dharmendar

GENRE : Fiction

LENGTH : 43 pages

Blurb & A Short Review:

In the era of reading mundane realities a lot, Author Samuel has chosen a great way to escape with his strong imaginary power in the world of fantasy. “The Combat of Magic and Miracle” is a 43 page short novella dealing with a beautiful fairytale & a great way of visual imagination for a multi-charactered story. Deborah, a 18 year old girl of kingdom Bethel, who loses her mother at an early age is seen to mourn for her father, Francis, captured by the serpent queen Diana. The queen leaves no way unattempted to torture the people of Bethel. The story progresses this way. Will Deborah be able to win the combat? I’m leaving this on the readers out there. Besides, it was a beautiful short fiction that can be finished in one go. It was indeed a captivating weekend read!

My Ratings to the book : 5/5 (Fantastic)


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