Book Review 39 : “Double One Zero : Out of the Shadows”


AUTHOR : Jasveer Singh Dangi

GENRE : Thriller Fiction

LANGUAGE : English

LENGTH : 436 pages

FORMAT : Kindle

PUBLICATION : The Suman Publications

Blurb & A Short Review :

“Double One Zero : Out of the Shadows” is a tremendously heart-throbbing story of protagonist, Captain Amandeep Singh, who loses his memory and in process to find his real identity, his introduction with some horrendous incidents solves his mystery and gets him his daughter back. With several twists and turns in the plot and storyline, the author made the book very much gripping. Language was easily adaptable with a strong engaging narration. Characterization has left the impact of no remarks to be done. Besides, I want to mention that the title has been chosen wisely to make readers addicted to it as soon as someone crosses with the book. The cover of the book is also appreciative. I found it an amazing and interesting fiction!

My Ratings:

Title : 5/5

Cover :4/5

Plot : 4/5

Storyline : 4.5/5

Narration : 5/5

Characterization : 4/5

Language : 4/5

Overall Ratings : 4.5/5 ( Very much engaging)


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