Book Review 40 : “Garage to the Globe”

Title : Garage to the Globe

Author : Ravinder Nath Khanna

Genre : Self- Help or Motivational Nonfiction

Length : 295 pages

Language : English

Publication : Invincible Publishers

Format : Kindle

Blurb & A Short Review :

The title of the book “Garage to the Globe” does perfect justice to the contents it is holding. Author Ravinder Nath Khanna has portrayed his successful business story in this book with the help of some of his colourful pictures. Pictures included the arena of his industries & plantations. I loved the way he clarified 51 successful mantras in the simplest language to grow bigger, think positive & be mature in both our personal & professional life. There are a lot of self help or motivational books in the market but few reach up to the level of satisfaction. And, it is one of them. I am glad that I went through the book with utmost interest & got satisfied with the quench!

My Ratings to the Book : 4/5 (Outstanding)


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