Book Review 41 : “The Ultimate, Complete, And Comprehensive Self-Help Book On How To Avoid Bei

This ‘self-help’ book by Biju Vasudevan stands against all the same old ‘self-help’ books in the genre of Nonfiction. He has humorously protested against all the “How to” and “What to” books containing same old unscrupulous shitty contents that we gobble and vomit afterwards. So, it is a clear waste of time to indulge ourselves in the books that don’t make us rich overnight or solve our health issues in a go. Noticable is his way of narration, he is a tremendously good narrator. Then comes his language, flawless and I appreciate his effort to speak out loudly about this issue.

It’s absolutely a one time read!

My Ratings to the Book : 4/5


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