Book Review 42 : “Chase Your Life Dreams”

TITLE : Chase Your Life Dreams

AUTHOR : Alka Dixit

GENRE : Motivational Non Fiction

LANGUAGE : English

LENGTH : 150 pages

FORMATH : Paperback

PUBLICATION : Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Blurb & A Short Review :

‘Chase Your Life Dreams’, shouldn’t it be the main motive of our life? Well, most of the answers will be nodding ‘yes’ for me. This book is a treasure trove for all of us, for those who are lacking self-esteem, facing shortcomings and problems repeatedly but aren’t able to overcome the trap of self-destruction, or even to those who without having any problems want to secure happiness and contentment in their lives. With 3 different divisions, the author has masterfully given all the ingredients of proper life-learnings, tips, methods to live a peaceful life and each chapter contains exercise parts that must be followed. Narration has its own flow, whereas language is easy adaptable. Title justifies the motto of the book and the book cover is fine.

I had a great reading time and the purpose was successfully served.

My Ratings to the Book : 4/5


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