Book Review 43 : “Grieve With Understanding”

Title:- Grieve With Understanding

Author:- Farzana Sarup

Publisher:- Notion Publication

Genre:- Fiction

Language:- English

Length- 84 pages

Format:- Paperback


“Grieve With Understanding” is a very sensitive and insightful book where the story revolves around an arrogant and robust girl Mona and her cancer-victim mother. When everything seems wrong, life gets tougher, faith and belief are the only things to enlighten the hope, will Mona be able to survive through this test of God or gradually will she fail? Read to know the rest.

It was really a very sensitive book with a delicate life that teaches us the lessons of life, the importance of faith and necessity of surviving through our hope. Besides, the book was only 84 pages and can easily be finished in one go. The author has done all the parts very gracefully like the marvellous narration, the awesome plot, the engaging storyline, the beautiful imaginative power of storytelling, the eye-catching cover and the meaningful title; in a word, she has proven herself an all-rounder.

I really enjoyed the time reading this book!

My Rating to the Book : 4/5


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