Book Review 44 : “A Drop of You”

‘A Drop of You’ by the author Krishna Chhetri is one of the cringy romance stories that lead with love-triangle. The story revolves around the lives of Karma, Dianna and Ghazal. Karma’s spicy poetry attracts his childhood friend Dianna and those poems are the imitation of someone else. Dianna’s attraction turns into love but with the progress of the story, we get to see an awkward betrayal followed by a bitter heartbreak.

Not being that fond of the romance stories involving love tri-angle, that too with the tinge of poems and the characters struggle hard to present themselves as romantic as of a poet. So, in my opinion, characterization lacks the naturality and the dragged and slow-paced storyline dreads the interest sometimes. Yet narration and storytelling has masterfully covered the drawbacks. Emotions of the story have been placed well. The motto of the story is to direct finger on the question if the forever love only exists in the novels or fairy-tales or also in reality too. And, I am very much glad that the motive hasn’t been diverted even after the disputed & over-lengthy storyline. Moreover, the author Krishna has maintained a reader-friendly language with standard vocabulary.

I totally loved the title of the book that appeared appealing to me and the book cover also matches up to my expectation. I would love to recommend this book to the romance readers out there.

Overall, it was a light and one time read!

My rating to the book : 3.5/5

~ ©storytellersuchismita

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