Book Review 45 : “Random Subterranean Mosaic : 2012-2018”

What a marvellous book!

I am extremely stunned by the creativity mashed up in “Random Subterranean Mosaic : 2012-2018” by the Author Sabarna Roy in his fifth book. Slowly but steadily I am becoming a fan of his genuine work. This book is unique in its nature as it is a collection of different memoirs or rants of the author, mostly dealing with amazing travelogues, short notes of his observations, the flavour of kolkata, images of politics, flashbacks of his emotions and some soulful poems.

The book consists of 93 chapters which stand so interesting and mesmerizing in their own way that I’ve finished the book in one sitting. The short notes picked up from his memory-lane have enticingly paired up with simple and lucid language that made the book a complete package. Each chapter unfolds a different picture in front of us and has the ability to secretly enhance our imagination power for the author’s incredible narration skill. Some chapters expertisingly render the stories related to the current scenario where the educational system gets corrupted for constant intermediation of politics and some simply depicts the relatable stories of relationships shared in a bengali family.

I cherished the gravity each chapter holds precisely in its core. This book is one of a kind. And I recommend this book to all the storylovers for an enjoyable read overall.

My rating to the book : 4.5/5

~ ©storytellersuchismita

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