Book Review 46 : “That Is How I Became A Sanyasi”

“That Is How I Became A Sanyasi” by the author Khemlata Negi is a heartwarming story of life, dreams, emotions, heartbreak, repentance, courage and at last a tale that leads to the path of peace. The story revolves around the two main protagonists, Diksha and Gautam.

Diksha, in course of striving to achieve everything in life, gets addicted towards perfection and neglects her family due to the excessive running behind a materialistic heaven. As a result, she loses her parents and then she realizes that she has lost everything. She surmises her life as a big failure because she fails to put the much needed care and love to her family when there was time. Now she repents and after a traumatic period, decides to follow the path of solace. Same happens with Gautam, who forgets to look after her parents, wife and children and runs behind his business only. When his wife charges a divorce file against him, he too repents for his life.

Both of them take a journey towards Rishikesh when something unexplainable draws to their minds and they both decide to follow the path of turning into a ‘Sanyasi’.

I simply love the insight of the author that she wants to depict through this book which is peace. Peace is the only thing that we should strive to achieve at the end of the day. Materialistic life and demand only take us to the alley of destruction, let it be mental, emotional or physical.

The plot and the storyline is apt for today’s generation. The author has a very good knowledge of storytelling, so his narration leaves a good impact. Language and the grammar had no error, and the characters were too well-built to overlook the story. I have found the book a lot interesting with the impressive book cover and the appropriate title. I recommend all the readers out there to read this book at least for once!

My rating to the book : ⅘

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