Book Review 47 : “The Worlds That Met In Bollywood”

Our society is divided into two sections, respectively in poor and rich, and “The World That Met In Bollywood” by the author Manan Goel has succeeded in painting the reality of both sides perfectly. He has done a really great job in terms of being a debutant. The story definitely has a potential to leave an impact on young minds and inspire others to take the right path over everything. The story keeps on going around the two main protagonists, Yasir & Anirudh. Yasir is a rich boy hailing from Hyderabad has a great affection for his family whereas Anirudh from Mumbai belongs to a poor family of a slum area. On the one hand, Yasir maintains an ethical lifestyle, and on the other, Anirudh easily gets attracted towards illegal activities for easy money. He also tries to win Yasir’s beliefs with his benevolence, but atlast fails to conceal his attempt of drug trafficking. With the passing time, he realizes his wrong doings and apologizes to Yasir. And, this is the remarkable portion of the story.

Now comes the author’s narration that is engaging, and he has used extremely easy language. I personally opine that the title could have been more impressive, yet the cover was moderately good. Overall, it was a one time read.

My rating to the book : ⅗

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