Book Review : “A Myna Flies”

‘A Myna Flies’, written by the author Sidharth Kanattil, is a book that is set on the plot of historic times of the 1850s when British East India Company was spreading its grip around the country and into the lives of the inhabitants. The book takes one to the world of imagination that one can vividly draw the pictures of that time. Different communities, people of different ideologies and religions, traditions have been portrayed so well in this book.

It is rightly said that power and greed makes a person blind enough to compete with each other for their greed.

Right from the beginning, the book seems intriguing with the mesmerizing plot, amazing storyline and clear narration. The author has put all his efforts to portray the situations very well. The language is simple and easy to understand. The book cover looks extremely elegant and the title works really well to knock a reader’s mind.

Overall, it was a very engaging read.

My rating to the book : 4.5/5

~ ©storytellersuchismita

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