Book Review : “Aham”

‘Aham’ is a mythological fiction and the first part of a trilogy series written by author Saurabh Thakur. The story revolves around the main characters Vanee, Rwiju and Prayan. The plot seems very interesting as it takes the readers to the world of the war between demons and non demons. The war sequences have been written in a very interesting way that gives the readers a real feel which proves the author has a very good imaginative power. The narration part is also fast paced and intriguing that keeps the readers hooked to the story. Though in some places, I feel the lack of interest as the story seems dragged. Characters are well-developed and the author’s storytelling proves him a mature author. The language used by the author is lucid, easily understandable and grammar is also error free. This book is a must have for the ones who find it interesting to read fantasy, history and mythology as the book is full of thrills and excitement. The book title aptly indicates ‘Aham’ that means ‘Ahamkara’ or ‘pride’ and it is the main motto to portray through the entire storyline. The book cover is colourful and fascinating.

Overall, it has been a good read and I recommend it to further readers.

My rating to the book : ⅘

~ ©storytellersuchismita

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