Book Review : “Cross Connection”

Cross Connection has been penned down by the author Preety Pravin. It is basically a romantic fiction. The entire story serves a message of commitment, trust and love in a relationship. The story starts with the protagonist Simar, a punjabi girl who travels down to South India to pursue her dentistry. She falls in love with Naveen in her college. Their affair gets stronger with the time. But these love birds too face the hardships of love when they stay away from each other for one long year and something dreadful happens.

This is the story of the author herself and this is what makes the book different. I feel that the plot is very much mesmerizing that a reader remains hooked up with the story. Emotions have been neatly described when Simar falls in love with Naveen. The storytelling maintains the pace whereas I feel some lacking in the narration. The narration seems dragged and exaggerated. It could have been nourished more. Again, I feel that the language that has been used is extremely good that it doesn’t make any disturbance while reading. The characters of Simar and Naveen have been portrayed very well. Naveen’s character shows a very stern side who refuses to give up on his love even after all such pandemoniums.

Overall the book has all the elements to keep a reader hooked. The book cover looks simply beautiful and the title works aptly. One should definitely give this book a try.

My rating to the book : 4.5/5

~ ©storytellersuchismita

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