Book Review : “Dhruv : Love Story of An Alchemist”

“Dhruv : Love Story of An Alchemist” is a fusion story of spirituality and love between two protagonists, Dhruv and Emma. The book is written by author Karan Verma. Dhruv Samrat belongs from an upper class brahmin family from the holy city of Banaras and he seems to be an intellectual guy. The story revolves around Dhruv’s search for his own identity in his life for which he never gives up and at last finds his own position in his own city. Meanwhile he meets with a foreigner, Emma with whom he falls in love. Emma is raised in an orphanage and she is a kind-hearted and jolly persona who loves hindu scriptures. Both of them struggle a lot in their lives.

What I loved about the book is that the book presents a vibrant image of Banaras, its heritage, ghats and temples. The narration is clear and easily comprehensible. Character development stands well. Apart from the interior part, the book cover looks fascinating and the title fits well too.

Overall, it is a one time read book.

My rating to the book : 4/5

~ ©storytellersuchismita

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