Book Review No 1: “Indian Feminine Fury” By Manjima Misra

Book : Indian Feminine Fury

Author: Manjima Misra

Publisher: Revolt Publishing House

Chapter: Indian Women In International Politics

This particular chapter was well written in basis of elevating the condition of women politicians in international political field.The author has a developed insight towards this subject.Patriarchal society of India has suppressed the voice of feminism for long & has also showed a havoc misogynism.The chapter has also beautifully explained how the women of India has raised their voice & evolved through the time by presenting the examples of two different eras, one is of prime minister Indira Gandhi & the other is the current external minister Sushma Swaraj.Both the positive & negative repercussions of their projects as well as statements have been described here by the author beautifully. Also, the chapter named as “Indian Women in International Politics” has the elaborate description of when & where women empowerment should be focused & how to be focused, where to be sensitively focused & where to be with restriction.Moreover, the reason behind the dire lack of female leaders in the politics is also been showcased for our male dominated society. Moreover, the agenda of gendered concept & gender neutrality has been brought to the notice that we should know the tactics of where the neutrality should be focused & where the gendered concept to be applied in perspective of the women. I have tremendously loved the detailed explanations of the author in such a serious issue & her way of driving the compulsory points in a chapter shortly. I am grateful to Kalaage community for giving me this opportunity to review this book “Indian Feminine Fury” authored by Manjima Misra.

My rating for this chapter :5/5

Book Cover : 4/5

~Suchismita Ghoshal

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