Book Review No. 11 : “The Unsung Chronicles- A Journey to Reality”

BOOK : The Unsung Chronicles- A Journey to Reality

GENRE : Collection of Non-fictional Stories

PUBLICATION : Haneul Publication

A Brief Review :

“The Unsung Chronicles- A Journey to Reality” is an anthology led by Miss Inderpreeet Kaur, founder of IPKInks community. Some stories make us happy, some make us sad, some turn our moods on, some make us terribly frightened & some hit us to the core of our hearts. This book exactly has proven to be an exclusive outcome of gathering some soul-stirring & extremely motivating notions of a few amazing authors from all over the country. I was fortunate enough to fit in with other 29 authors of this book who has spoken their hearts out with their own experience. It was a one-sitting read for me & I have loved it on the basis of everything. From the title of the book to the book cover, from language to editing, grammar to spell-check were on point. Taking all the things together in mind, it was really a pleasant reading!

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