Book Review No. 13 : “Small Is Big” – Volume 3

TITLE : “Small Is Big” – Volume 3

AUTHOR : Rafaa Dalvi

A Brief Review :

The 3rd volume of “Small Is Big” by Rafaa Dalvi is enriched with the collection of 100 micro-tales & snippets. Alphabetically decorated micro tales are different in nature, precisely explained & a maximum of thirty to forty five minutes read. One can have a read in one go either by sipping a cup of coffee or travelling from one station to another. Microtales are gradually getting the spotlight in today’s scenario of internet & replacing the space between the bulky books & readers. Still, not everyone makes it to the quality contents. But, author Rafaa Dalvi proves to be skilled in this section. From dark humor & deep impact, to simple feeling & plain abstract, this book is a winner to cover every section completely & grab readers’ hearts. Easy vocabulary, adaptive language & rich tales are all those made this book a must read!

The title is in perfect place where the book cover is casual as I suggest it could have been a little bit better!

All together this amazing collection requires a lot of readers’ engage undoubtedly!

My Overall Rating : 4.5/5


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