Book Review No. 14 : “The Speaking Stone”

TITLE : The Speaking Stone

AUTHOR : Ratnadip Acharya

PUBLICATION : Aksora Publications

GENRE : Historical Fiction

PAGES : 296

FORMAT : Paperback

Blurb & A Brief Review :

Saikat from Mumbai & Shuvashini from West Bengal coincidentally meet on their journey to Tripura to reveal the secrets behind a stone which Saikat found as written in ancient script & Shuvashini’s research on a “Rajmala”. This novel by author Ratnadip engages so many facts of Indian history, heritage, culture & ethnicity with a lot of grace yet maintaining a shield of mystery. Two different stories from the two protagonists have progressed parallelly without affecting the two different time zones, one in present & other is past. Turns & twists in different parts of the novel equally contribute making the story more intriguing & interesting.

The ancient history of Tripura, protagonists’ hunger to reach to the core of truth, unveiling some knowledgeable facts , outstanding plot & characterization have turned the book a desirable one for sure. Language was simple & easy to read, title was itself mesmerizing enough to attract readers, eye-catching book cover & a sound research behind knitting the story were also a plus point to be noted.

Overall , it was a very interesting read.

Ratings :

Title : 4.5/5

Plot : ⅘

Characterization : ⅘

Language & grammar : 4.5/5

Story : 4.5/5

Book Cover : ⅘

Overall Ratings : ⅘


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