Book Review No. 16 : “रूपांतरण”

TITLE : रूपांतरण

AUTHOR : Sunil Kumar

GENRE : Fiction

LENGTH : 128pages

Blurb & Review :

The novel is based on the struggles, battleship & triumphing over every bar of a girl. Abhaya, the protagonist is seen to belong from a small town of Uttar Pradesh who has a very protective family. After a lot of setbacks, she flies to pursue her dream job in Mumbai with the help of her best friend to convince her family. Everything seems to be going smooth when she falls in the trap of her obscene boss & faces a lot of serious issues of eve-teasing from 5 local goons. This is how the story develops. Finally she meets Sidhharth to help in her journey of life & soon they solve all the problems of her life together. From being a very weak & feeble girl to become a strong & independent leader who thrives to get nominated for the “Nobel Prize” for her work in women & child development activities, the novel puts all the materials of transformation or ‘rupantaran’ of a girl.

Characterization & plot was good, language was lucid through the book has a lot of grammatical issues & editing errors. Though I personally think that the narration part lacks the thrills. Title was apt with the story but cover wasn’t that much eye-catching.

Overall, it was a one time read!

My Ratings:

Title : ⅘

Cover : ⅗

Content : ⅘

Characterization & plot : ⅘

Narration : ⅗

Overall Ratings : ⅗


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