Book Review No. 17 : “FOREVER is not ENOUGH”


AUTHOR : Reecha Agarwal Goyal

GENRE : Romance Fiction

PUBLICATION : Redgrab Books

LENGTH : 164 pages

Blurb & Review :

We do whining about silly problems of day-to-day life & leave nothing left to cuss it with absurd slang as we fail to handle them maturely. But what about those who don’t have the basic amenities, who are suffering from lethal diseases like cancer, who are badly affected for drug abuse or who live in an orphanage? Horrendous right? This novel leaves a perfect example for us to understand them. Rhea & Anay, two college sweethearts as well as the main protagonists fell in love & framed every magical moment in the seraphic abode of Darjeeling hills. They let their emotions flow & promise to be bound for seven birth. Everything was pre planned when life gave them the unpredictable shock. Soon Rhea was diagnosed with cancer & the settled planning shattered, and the test of life starts. Tragedies bounced them up to crash their confidence while the both of them passed them with their courage, trust & love. When everything seems to be perfect, Anay’s fatal departure shook them up. This is how the storyline progressed & stirred my soul. I was moved by the plot, couldn’t resist my quest to read till the end all at once as the story was gripping. Narration was perfect & the vocabulary sense of the author was beyond imagination. I learnt a bunch of new words. Characterization was apt, book title justified the storyline & cover was captivating enough.

Overall, the novel portrays a good message both love & life. It was really a fantasizing read for me!

My Ratings :

Title : 5/5

Plot :4.5/5

Storyline : ⅘

Narration : ⅘

Characterization : ⅘

Editing :5/5

Cover :⅘

Overall Rating : ⅘ (Highly Recommendable)


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