Book Review No. 18 :”7 Vows of Marriage”

TITLE : 7 Vows of Marriage

AUTHOR : Devika Das

GENRE : Fiction

LANGUAGE : English

FORMAT : Ebook

LENGTH : 30pages

Blurb & Review :

The book is an explanatory book of marriage. It starts with the beautiful detailing of 7 vows taken between the two, determined to bound in a bond of nuptial knots. Indian marriage system is beautified with the celebration of rituals & taking oaths towards each other.

The book has 5 chapters containing – a) “The 7 Vows” is all about the meaning & dedication of vows , b) “Inspirational Stories About Love”

which had 3 well knitted stories of 3 pairs, c)” 7 Years’ Itch” basically deals with a couple ended their marriage due to egoistic brawl, d) “Love Fades Away” is about a couple starting fresh & then luck’s unfavourable turn drifted them away , & e) “Happily Ever After” that added flavour to a marriage on the basis of compatibility, patience, love, dedication & trust of a couple completing their 50 years of togetherness & reminiscing their experience with a newly-engaged couple.

This is how the book covered up all the points of a marriage. It touches the important parts of marriage, considered as a sacred bond between two souls committed to celebrate togetherness on all phases of each other’s life & even till seven birth.

I liked reading the book. It was a short read. Narration was precise yet attractive. Title matched with the motive of the book. Cover was good.

Overall, it is a one time read.

My Ratings :

Title – ⅘

Cover- ⅘

Language & Editing – ⅘

Narration- ⅘

Overall Ratings – ⅘


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