Book Review No. 22 : “Paralyzed in Dreamland”

TITLE : Paralyzed in Dreamland

AUTHOR: Raunak Agarwal

GENRE : Fiction

LANGUAGE : English

LENGTH : 107 pages

PUBLICATION: Bumblebee Publishing

FORMAT : Kindle

Blurb & A Brief Review :

‘Paralyzed in Dreamland’ is a wonderful collection of fictional stories. Author Raunak has done an innovative job by going beyond the casual thoughts. The book is a collection of the weirdest & yet the funniest dreams of the protagonist, Doofus, diagnosed with Sleep Paralysis & Vivid Dreams Syndrome. The dreamy stories, apparently touched with humour are also thought-provoking that excellently encircle the arenas of society, love, friendship, religion, stigma, discrimination etc.

I found the book of a different taste with an accurate title & a decent cover. From Language to narration & then grammar, everything were in its perfection position & easily comprehensible.

Overall, it was an interesting read!

My Ratings:

Title : 4/5

Cover: 3/5

Narration :4/5

Plot : 4/5

Language & Grammar : 4/5

Overall Ratings : 4/5


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