Book Review No. 23 : “Long Lost Friend Love”

TITLE: Long Lost Friend Love

AUTHOR: Nivedita Vedrula

GENRE: Romantic Fiction


FORMAT: Kindle

LENGTH: 278 pages

PUBLICATION: Self-published

Blurb & A Brief Review:

Author Nivedita Vedrula has woven a romantic fiction very delicately through ‘Long Lost Friend Love’. The protagonist, Tia Sharma faces a hard surface in her life where she loses all her trust from her life & love. She struggles in her personal life as her mother leaves her at a very tender age & then she gets betrayal from her boyfriend, Raghu. The storyline smoothly progresses showing the tantrums of her life when suddenly Arjun, a long lost friend enters into her life as an avatar sent by God & repairs her wounds of love. Tia is seen as an adamant & egoistic character for all the suffering she went through. The plot was clear as it has the tendency to show how one can win all her battles if she strongly remains in the stormy scenario & gets a perfect man of her life. Language used by the author was really easy to read & narration was smooth. Title somehow lacks to impress at a first look & cover was average.

Overall, it was a ‘fairytale’ kind of merry-making & ‘happy ending’ read!

My Ratings :

Title : ⅗


Plot :⅘

Narration :⅘

Storyline: 3.5/5

Characterization : ⅘

Language & Grammar : ⅘

Overall Ratings : 3.5/5 ( Recommendable)


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