Book Review No. 24 : “Lost Found Forgotten”

TITLE : Lost Found Forgotten

AUTHOR : Sourav Das

GENRE : Fiction

LANGUAGE : English

FORMAT : Kindle

LENGTH : 117 pages

PUBLICATION : Self-published

Blurb & A Brief Review:

Incredible in one word!

Stunned by how the author has come up with a very good plot connecting three women protagonists together, names respectively Chitra, Dana & Alicia. ‘Lost Found Forgotten’ has an immensely good storyline where we can see an ambitious married woman & a make up artist in Mumbai, Chitra, being a prey of domestic violence gathers courage to implement her dream by flying over to the USA to work on a movie project; then Dana, a cancer sufferer gets cheated in her relationship finds her true love, Jack (another sufferer) on her deathbed in Paris & at last ends on portraying the life of a hollywood actress Alicia of New York, also cheated by her fiance, calls off her marriage with the help of her ardent fan Richard & reaches to Los Angeles for working on her next movie. Coincidentally the movie project brings an amalgamation of these three where Chitra gets to work with Alicia, found to be reading a romantic novel based on the story of Dana & Jack. I found the book very much enticing & gripping. Narration was very much understandable. Preciously woven. Title was good and cover was eye-catching.

Overall, it was my favourite read this week!

My Ratings:

Title : ⅘

Cover :⅘

Characterization : ⅘

Plot : ⅘

Storyline : ⅗

Narration : ⅘

Language : ⅗

Overall Ratings : ⅘(Interesting)


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