Book Review No. 25: “DNA of a Champion Salesperson”

TITLE : DNA of a Champion Salesperson

AUTHORS : P Raghuraman & Tanmay Dubey

GENRE : Non- fiction

LANGUAGE : English

PUBLICATION : Invincible Publishers

FORMAT : Kindle

LENGTH : 182 pages

My Ratings to The Book : 4/5

A Brief Review :

Being a simply literature lover, I have never thought of going for a business book. I chose the book with the eye-catching title and with zero knowledge of the business world, started reading it. It is undoubtedly a champion book for all the salespersons, businessmen & persons attached to any of the companies or brands. Beautiful explanations to grow in a corporate world & crack perfect solution for a difficult situation are well-researched & clear proofs of the author’s long experience. Pros & cons of different brands, situations & salespersons are included from head to toe. Interesting short-terms like PEPSI (I. Passion for your brand II. Eager to discuss III. Patience to pause and listen IV. Suggest with conviction V. In with a smile), PROMPT (I. Prepare II. Rehearse III. On-time IV. Maximize V. Persuade VI. Thank),

KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) etc have definitely served the purpose & made the book more interesting.

We get to know more of a good relationship & effective negotiations that is the key note of a successful business. Negotiations between the salesperson of a company & the customers are divided into four terms :

1)Preventive Negotiations

2)Every Small Thing Matters (ESTM) Negotiations

3)Give Value Not Discount (GVND) Negotiations

4)Long Term Lock-up Negotiation(LTL).

And the common things which we need to pursue in both of our personal life & profession life are right-readingly described as ADAPT (A- ATTITUDE, D- DISCIPLINE , A- ATTENTION TO DETAIL, P- PREPARATION & T- TENACITY).

Overall, a utilizing read for all the business-persons of corporate world.


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