Book Review No. 26 : “Kailash Dawara- Doorway To Bhuloka”


AUTHOR : Vishesh

GENRE : Mythological Thriller

LANGUAGE : English

LENGTH : 174 pages

FORMAT : Kindle

PUBLICATION : Notionpress Publishing

Blurb & A Brief Review:

“KAILASH DWARA- DOORWAY TO BHULOKA” is simply a head-turner with a lot of twists & turns. Every page of this thriller reveals mystery taking the plot towards a whole new story. The storyline starts with archaeologist Dr. Vishwanath’s kidnap twenty years ago during his research of Mt. Kailash, by the very witty & strong antagonist Mr. Tarak, & Vishwanath’s elder son Vedaant was turned into ‘Devaant’ by Tarak. The plot gets nerve-wracking when the ancient mythology, mystery & history get disclosed through every chapter & we bumped into the disclosure of how Krishna saved the earth around five thousand years ago in a battle where he succeeded to send the danavas back to the Bhuvarloka, apparently the doorway of Mt. Kailash from Bhuloka after replacing the ultimate truths under the destruction of Dwarka. After twenty years, the main protagonists, Vivaant & Susheni come out for a trekking mission to Mt. Kailash & they broke all the knots with the help of RAW agent, Kanhaiya & Colonel Veer Prathap Singh. Startled with the facts, they come to know about their lost family members & how they have been misled. The way story unravels, is unpredictable to guess further happenings. It was truly an amazing read with proper narration, clear language, amazing storytelling, accurately suspicious title & a good-looking cover.

I found it a perfect book with perfect plot & story!

My Ratings:

Title : 4/5

Cover: 4/5

Characterization : 5/5

Narration : 5/5

Plot :4/5

Storyline : 4/5

Language & Grammar : 5/5

Overall Ratings : 4/5 (Highly Recommendable)


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