Book Review No. 28 : “My Happily Ever After”

TITLE : My Happily Ever After

AUTHOR : Sanjay Sharma

LANGUAGE : English

GENRE : Romance Fiction

LENGTH :180 pages

FORMAT : Paperback

PUBLICATION : Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Blurb & A Brief Review:

‘My Happily Ever After’ tells the story of Keshav Dixit, a scholar from Gorakhpur, with a dream to be a bestselling author and Aditi Kohli, a rich girl from Delhi, passionate to be a singing star. Their meeting in their engineering college results into their friendship and later Keshav’s increasing attraction towards Aditi. Aditi simply denies being in a relationship and rather takes Keshav as her best friend. As the storyline progresses, we see both of them get disconnected and struggle in their own life to find stability towards their career. The plot is based on how both of them, after getting enough limelight in their respective careers, crossing all the odds, and ups and downs in their life find love in each other and proves to be their happily ever after. I simply loved how the author keeps language easily comprehensible and narration catchy. I found the title to be appropriate and cover relatable with the storyline.

I discovered it a light, quick and good read!

My Ratings:

Title : ⅘

Cover : ⅘

Storyline: ⅘

Plot : ⅗

Narration : ⅘

Characterization : ⅘

Language : ⅘

Overall Ratings : ⅘ (One time read)


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