Book Review No. 5 : “The DreamWalker”

BOOK : The Dreamwalker

AUTHOR : Srishti Gaur

GENRE : Poetry

PUBLICATION HOUSE : Red’shine Publication Pvt. Ltd.

A brief review :

My recent read “The Dreamwalker” was an absolutely pleasant experience. Moreover, being a poetry lover it added cherry on the top as it as genre wise poetry book. Debutant author Srishti Gaur has done an extremely exceptional job scribbling the mesmerising poems directly through her heart. As per the author said, this ’90 poems’ book is based on the dreams we see through our open eyes only to fulfill them by working hard. Her verses are neat & clean, language is lucid, vocabulary is easily comprehensible, & poems are created with the usage of simple & decent.

Some of my most favourite poems are listed below:

1)Sky, 2) Chocolate, 3) Beloved, 4) The Other Life, 5) Lucifer, 6) Dreamwalker, 7) Woods & 8) When Will My Gender Speak? etc.

What’s Good : Understandable words, relatable & simple poems, soothing verses & decent presentation.

What’s Not : Book cover could have been better, Editing is not up to the mark.

My Ratings :

Book Cover Rating : ⅗

Content Rating : ⅘

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 ( One time readable)

Final Verdict :

Author Srishti has caught my attention with her incredible job being a debutant. What I found fantastic was the heart-touching poems she wrote. It soothes mind. I would recommend this book to all the poetry lovers as well as the readers out there to buy & read this book to support this teen-age author to write more masterpieces in future!

This book is exclusively available on Amazon kindle & paperback version.

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