Book Review : “Sniper’s Debt”

‘Sniper’s Debt’ is so far one of the most amazing thriller fictions I’ve ever read. The book is written by the author Mainak Dhar. The story starts when the protagonist, Aditya along with his wife Zoya and son Aman plans a vacation to Paris and their plane gets hijacked.The old retired US soldier tries to be a hero but he gets shot. Aditya sends messages to few people to let Indian forces know about the plane. What I feel shocking that even the hijackers wanted the news to be leaked. They land the plane in Afghanistan. Rather than keeping the people on plane, they separate and take people in slots. When Aditya was being taken by the hijackers to a different place, Aman enters into the story. Aman is all set to help Aditya from the hijackers. Now, I am leaving the next part for the people to read on their own.

Right from the beginning the book takes me to the world to intriguing imagination and with the slow progress, it encounters with several goosebumps. I am literally in awe of the storytelling whereas the narration has definitely taken the book to another level of excellence. The setting of the plot, different sequels, making of hijacking scenes etc have left a deep impact on my mind. What I love about the book is its easy and simple language which creates no bar in reading. Vocabulary was in my grip and I didn’t need to reach out for dictionary.

Now comes the book cover part which is definitely fascinating and goes with the theme of the book. The title of the book is well-thought and adds good curiosity on the readers’ minds. Overall, the book was an amazing read indeed. I should definitely recommend others to grab the copy and give it a read.

My rating to the book : 4.5/5

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