Book Review : “Sunshine Town”

Aurora. The story revolves around the protagonist, Shlok, his life, his dreams, his love, his studies etc. Shlok comes from a middle class family who dreams of becoming a doctor in near future to fulfill his father’s desire. Being average in his studies, he finds it difficult to cope up with his dream. Meanwhile he falls in love with his next door neighbour Natasha. What will happen next? Will he succeed in his love life or will he lose hope? Will he fulfill his dream of turning into a doctor? To know more, read the book.

In my opinion, the author has written the story keeping the thoughts of teen agers in his mind. I have found the storytelling intriguing but the narration in some places lacks the pace. The book appears simple and neat with the proper usage of words and language. The fascinating book cover catches my attention.

Overall, it’s a one time read.

My rating to the book : 3/5

~ ©storytellersuchismita

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