Book Review : “Victims for Sale”

‘Victims for Sale’ by author Nish Amarnath is so far one of the best crime thrillers I’ve read during the quarantine period. The story revolves around the lead character Sandy, who decides to shift to London on the condition her father and brother impose upon her that she lives with the Sawants, a known family in London. The Sawant family turns out to be weird . With the progress of the story, she slowly discovers unthinkable truths behind this family as well as her workplace.

And the real twist begins from here which spins such an extraordinary tale that the reader goes into a tizzy. This one is truly a spectacular read. The way the characters have been portrayed is highly appreciable as each and every character is presented with a distinctive personality. As per the plot, the author has succeeded in making it an immensely interesting one. The narration is undoubtedly impressive where the author has put out her elegant imagination power. The idea behind the story has clicked really well. Even the mystifying look of cover and the inviting book title have helped the book in turning out to be a masterpiece. I definitely recommend this awesome book to other readers.

My rating to the book : 5/5 ~ ©storytellersuchismita

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