Tranquility wasn't his morning tea,

He loved the turquoise sky more

With the plenty of broken spongy clouds.

Hourglasses were his mere concern

As he fetched time from the core of this universe.

His smile was the silhouette of a summer sunset,

Warming souls with the comfort of elegance and tenderness.

A splintered heart, surrounded with intense blood of scrapped past

He feels like staggering yet his valiance couldn't let him fall like a vagabond.

Wishing him the humblest goodbye was never a cakewalk journey

As his closure brought flowers and spring to the barren verandah of my wintry heart.

Sharp and fine, he could be deciphered sometimes as a pinnacle of a mountain

And yet gently kissing the sky to drive away all the panics and jeopardizing loss.

I entered tiptoeing, tracing a safe place and my elation knew no bound,

Drunk the days were, shaped with charismatic jasmine and stitched with the gems rare.

Maybe the departure spoke volumes about the dusted roads of separation and unfathomed mishap.

My soul prays for his glowing ensuing endeavours

And my heart rewinds all the remnants of bygone.

An empty entity seeks for the heartful and joyous glory,

Whereas the memories knocking tempt like sea waves.

Leaving everything behind, a tougher choice indeed

And caressing his hair softly would be my imagination.

Turmoils hit me hard as his benevolence failed

on the verge of an intense bond,

And I lie like a nomad on a blank desert soaking the flaming verses from the ground.

To grow and to let go of all the pains,

I have set free all my gains and cantankerous chains.

O' my dear, live, live, live like a born warrier,

And keep me in your prayers if it ever feels fair.

~ ©storytellersuchismita

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